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I grew up in Central California. My younger brother, sister and I were 3 of 37 first cousins on my mom’s side of the family. Our family gatherings were something to see!

At an early age, I learned that open communication, planning, setting goals, working the plan and working hard are keys to being successful at a high level.

I started running track in the 7th grade and by the end of middle school I had broken every sprint record in the school and went onto compete on a national level in high school, traveling all over the United States.

In college, I started focusing more on personal growth than competing. Thanks to an amazing history instructor, I fell in love with history and my goal was to become a high school teacher and coach.

In early spring of 1994, I took a position with Intel Corporation in New Mexico. It was an exciting time to be with Intel, the US was leading the technology race and I was coming in at the ground floor.

Shortly after in November of 1995, something horrible happened to our family. My mom’s father passed away.

Little did I know, this major event in our lives would lead to something that would change my life forever.

On my flight back to New Mexico from California fate had plans for me. The young lady sitting next to me on the flight was traveling to Las Vegas to meet her mom to attend her grandfather’s funeral.

We had a wonderful conversation and after a few months of phone calls and letter writing, our long-distance relationship moved forward and she moved to New Mexico and a short time later we were married.

Soon after life brought us to move to Las Vegas and my wife made a jump into the real estate world, obtaining her license to help a family member who was a new home agent for a builder.

I was back in school at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) working toward my Education Degree but was drawn toward real estate like a moth to a flame.

You see, my goal of going into education was to help others grow and achieve their goals. Being in real estate meant that I could do that in many different ways.

I could help clients realize their dreams of home ownership and growing their personal wealth, and I could gravitate toward leadership & education in the industry.

I was licensed in June of 1999 and by 2001 I had achieved Top Producer levels of business.

Early in 2002, I became a branch trainer leading 45+ new agents, helping them grow their businesses and by October of that same year my wife and I decided to grow a team. Our values made this a no brainer for us.

We believe that home ownership is a blessing, and passing on our values and educating buyers and sellers allowed us to create win-win situations for not only our clients but every agent and staff member on our team.

After we were listed as one of the Top 100 Century 21 teams in the country, we established ourselves as a dominant force with RE/MAX, also in the Las Vegas Real Estate market.

In early 2005 my wife and I had two children and decided to move our small family to Boise, ID. I obtained my Brokers license and we opened our own Help-U-Sell franchise office and quickly built one of the top offices in the system, unfortunately, the real estate market had different plans.

By the middle of 2008 I went back to real estate leadership & training and my wife took a position with Weyerhaeuser.  

At the end of 2013 Weyerhaeuser decided to close their Boise Corporate office and my wife was offered a position in Washington State, so we moved, again.

I slowly moved back into sales and by the end of 2016 had established a solid business helping military families relocate in the Tacoma market and was honored with the Broker of the Year for our Tacoma branch but also the Broker of the Year Companywide for the largest Century 21 in Washington State.

In 2018 I earned my credentials as a State Certified Trainer, teaching the Real Estate Licensing course to real estate agent hopefuls as well as Continuing Education classes to current licensees & brokers.

In Early 2020, both of our children were away from home at school when COVID hit. My wife and I decided to make another move to be closer to our parents in Arizona.

Today, I’m grateful to be helping homeowners in Phoenix seamlessly transition from one home to the next while providing solid communication, education, kindness, systems and technology to make sure my clients achieve their real estate goals.

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